Michael Kors Access – First Smartwatch By Michael Kors

amichael kors access

Michael Kors Releases Its First Smart Watch – The Michael Kors Access

Like many other traditional watch companies, Michael Kors will also be joining the wearable technology revolution.

Michael Kors, the fashionable designer  outfit, has been selling sleek watches for quite a while. And they are quite good at it.

But never before has the organization entered the technology space until now.

The organization plans to start selling its stylish Michael Kors Access smartwatch next week at a price of $350.


$350 seems to be a standard price for higher end smart watches nowadays… such as the Apple Watch 2 and other Android Wear devices.

But the real question is whether the Michael Kors Access can compete with devices like the Apple Watch 2.

 It’s hard to say currently because the Access runs on Android Wear, the same software that powers many other smartwatches on the market.

What does that mean?

That means you will have the same functions as watches that might be half the price.

What the Access does bring to the table is a bit of style and a little bit of flare. Just that alone will definitely get quite a few orders of the new smartwatch.

Because honestly, that was the whole motivation for this smartwatch.

A whole lot of design and a bit of tech as well.


Just looking through some of the information and watching the promo video, it seems the main functions for the watch are: notifications and activity tracking. Not too earth-shattering to say the least.

Also to note, many of the features require you to have your smartphone nearby. This was a common complaint for many other smartwatches this past year.

But if fashion is your thing, then you shouldn’t worry about these little issues.

Michael Kors has built a pretty sleek watch, and in case you were wondering, there is probably a version that matches your outfit this weekend.

Check out the promo video below:


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