Pokemon Go Plus – Wearable Gadget We Have Been Waiting For

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Pokemon Go Plus – Pokemon Comes To Wearables

Pokemon on your wrist, who would have guessed?

With the surge of popularity with the recent Pokemon Go game, it’s no surprise that the company is trying to capitalize on the opportunity as much as possible.

But maybe this new gadget is just what everyone has been waiting for.

And by everyone, I literally mean everyone.

How often do you walk around town and have people bump into you aimlessly because they were busy playing Pokemon Go?

It has happened to me a few times and I can say that it is quite annoying.

Not just annoying, it can be quite dangerous as well!

There has been multiple instances of people getting mugged or killed because they weren’t paying attention while playing the game.

Well, now we have the solution.

If all of the pokemon addicts will go ahead and get a Pokemon Go Plus bracelet, then they can have the pleasure of “playing” the game, without having to be staring at their smart phones the entire time.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Pokemon players can catch more pokemon, while watching where they are going …

and non-players won’t be getting bumped into as much.


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