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Apple Watch 2 + Nike

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just like a quick jog around the park, the new fitness features on the Apple Watch 2 will definitely make you interested.

I personally like to run a few miles here and there in my free time so I’m right there with you athletic folks.

The new Apple Watch 2 will feature a new set of attractions to help you on your next run.

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Breathable Wristband

Do you see all those holes in the wristband above?

That was not a design accident on Apple’s part. Ironically, Apple almost never make design mistakes.

Those holes were actually designed so that your wrists can have some more breathing room… or holes.

Let’s be honest, we have all had long days of wearing watches (or smart watches). When we finally take it off at the end of the day, there are sweat marks all over your wrist and also on the back on your watch. Kinda gross don’t you think?

Well, with more holes on the Apple Watch 2 wristband, your perspiration problems will be kept to a minimum.

Nice addition Apple.


GPS included

So if you remember when the first Apple WAtch came out, one of the biggest criticisms of the gadget was its lack of a built in GPS.

Well guess what Apple did on its 2nd Apple WAtch? They added a GPS, duh.

So this feature is actually quite nifty for runners, like myself.

Anytime you are running for more than a mile or so, carrying your phone can become uncomfortable.

The constant bouncing of the phone in your pocket is quite distracting. Especially if you are aiming for a new personal record.

Well, with the new bulit in GPS, we will never have to have this problem again!

Nike+ Run Club App

Lastly, from the partnership between Apple and Nike, we get the Run Club app.

This should be a nice addition with the other features included above.

The app will give running a new social dimension  so you can run with your friends and compete.

Who doesn’t like to compete? Exactly.

The app gives you leaderboards to show everyone your stuff, and you can even show a little sportsmanship by giving friends a virtual high five every now and then.

Show them a little class after you destroy their running time.


The new additions to the Apple Watch 2 directly aims the device towards athletes all over.

If you like to get up and be active, then this little wearable gadget is calling your name.

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