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Apple Watch 2 – New Features

If you recently saw the 2016 Apple products conference, then you know Apple Watch 2 is coming soon.

For the most part, the Apple Watch 2 seems to be very similar to its first edition counterpart.

However, let me highlight some of the improvements:

  • built in gps
  • heart rate sensor
  • water resistant to 50 meters
  • workout app
  • new 3rd party apps including pokemon go
  • faster dual core processor

If you quickly glance at the above list, what do you notice?

Probably nothing too out of the ordinary.

There was previous rumors of a front facing camera on the new model, but I guess Apple has decided to postpone it.

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Cool Watch Features

As far as what we have, the built in gps should be pretty cool.

I’ve used apps such as Strava before and it is actually quite useful for outdoor runs.

Last time I used Strava I had to carry my phone along, but next time maybe I won’t have to.

More than anything, this might be more convenient than anything.

The heart rate sensor is useful but it is nothing new.

One of the decently exciting new features is the 50 meter water resistance that you can have on the watch.

I’m not sure if you know this, but 50m is pretty deep!

Seeing that most human beings are shorter than 2 meters, maybe now you get a perspective of how deep you can go with this electronic device.

As long as you don’t go deep sea diving, you should be pretty good.

The new Apple Watch 2 might be perfect for swimmers who need a new fitness companion.

And then we have the workout app.

The workout app is also nothing new, the older model had similar features.

However, I’m assuming the newer model will have more features so that you won’t need your smartphone nearby.

I think the next topic of interest is what will truly set off the Apple Watch 2. Since the inception of the original Apple Watch.

With the new watch OS 3, Apple hopes to change this fact. Apple even had its most successful 3rd party app producer, Pokemon Go, reveal its new Apple Watch app on stage this past week.

You can just sense the amount of weight that Apple have placed on Pokemon Go to help boost its Apple Watch 2 sales.

As far as the pokemon app goes, it seems decently useful. It tells you what pokemon are nearby and if you are ready to catch it. Decently useful if you ask me. I don’t play the game, but I imagine that now users can be staring at their wrists instead of their phones while wandering around endlessly.

And lastly, I just wanted to go over the dual core processor that has been added to the watch.

The upgrade boost is definitely welcome. Added speed means added performance and added graphics.

Both of which can improve the amount of cool apps that the Apple Watch has. Currently, there is still a gap between how many cool apps it should have and how many it actually has.

Hopefully in the near future this gap gets filled.

Onto the aesthetics side of things. Because I know most of you just wanna wear the thing because it looks cool and all.

I hate to break it to you but that it doesn’t look any different from the first generation model.

But if you liked the original look then that won’t be a concern.


So the final question will be… is the new version worth the purchase?

I’d say no, if you already have the original Apple Watch. Most people just check notifications anyways.

However, if you don’t already have an Apple Watch, then the new features definitely won’t hurt your first smartwatch.


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