Pebble Time Steel Review 2016

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pebble time steel review

Pebble Time Steel Review

Pebble was one of the trailblazers of the wearable technology industry so it is no surprise that it has done a great job with its new Pebble Time Steel.

Its unique e-ink display is definitely one of the things that make it stand out from the smartwatches currently on the market.

This smartwatch is one of prettiest looking smartwatches that you can currently buy.

It can definitely hold its ground against the Apple Watches and Android Wears.

The aluminum and glass design is very stylish and could go well with any outfit of your choosing whether it is formal or casual.

So who is the Steel made for?

The Pebble Time Steel was made for people who want a smartwatch but don’t need all the unnecessary features that the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices offer.

Why spend more money on an Apple Watch if you never use most of its features?

The Pebble Time Steel has no touchscreen and no heart rate sensor compared to its more expensive competitors.

But if you just need a pretty timepiece that shows time and lets you receive notifications or change music then the Steel is perfect for you.



The Time Steel is one of the prettiest wearables on the market.

The Steel could easily get mixed up with an Apple Watch due to its similar metallic nature and design. Whether that is a good or bad thing would be up to the individual.

It could seem like a bad thing if you prefer something that has a unique look. However, you could take it as a good thing because you got the same good looks of the Apple Watch for a much cheaper price.

On top of its great watch face, throw on a leather strap on this bad boy and you are definitely ready for the red carpets. It looks that good. You could also switch to a metal strap if that fits your style better.



As far as using the smartwatch goes, it was able to be everything you expect from a Pebble smartwatch. It keeps all the features that was in the original Pebble watch.

Some highlights of the functionality would be its simple push notifications and basic fitness applications.

Some improvements on the new Time Steel over older models would be that it has a greater design with the users in mind.

Its new more sturdy buttons makes it easier to use, at least it seemed that way for me. The e-ink display is also brighter which definitely makes it easier to read the screen compared to past models.

Another highlight of the Pebble has to be their long battery lives and the Steel is no exception to this.

The Pebble Time Steel can normally last you an entire week on a single charge which seems like a lifetime compared to competitors which might only last a day on a charge.



The Pebble Time Steel feels and looks great. It is easy to use and the functionality won’t bog you down and is easy to use.

Get this awesome smartwatch if you would like a wearable watch that is fashionable but won’t be over the top with too many features.

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