Pebble Gains GPS And Battery Life With Pal Wristband

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Pebble Pal Wristband


If you love to go for long hikes and other outdoorsy activities then this Pebble upgrade might be what you have been waiting for.

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A company called Powerstrap has created a new wristband which attaches to your Pebble smartwatch and gives it GPS coverage and some extra battery life.


pebble pal wristband


The extra battery life comes from an 250mAh battery that rests inside the strap, giving your smartwatch close to another week of life.

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I would say that the extra battery life is quite interesting because the survivability of Pebble watches has been one of their highlights compared to competing smartwatches.

Of course, this is all assuming that having a battery inside of your wrist strap won’t make it uncomfortable to wear.

Another thing to note about the Pal wrist strap is that it is water- and sweat-resistant. This is definitely welcome for active users.

The Pal wristband is currently on kickstarter. There is a $65 price tag for early birds who would like to preorder the add-on. It is listed to arrive in October.

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