SkinTrack – Next Generation User Controls On Your Skin

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With a growing number of wearable smartwatches coming onto the market, we have learned that one of the biggest challenges for these devices are their lack of screen space for navigation.

One unique solution for this problem comes from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the Future Interfaces Group.

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The group has created a ring and wrist detector that enables the user to use their skin as a new interface to control their smartwatch.

The technology behind the system is quite unique.

The sensor on the smartwatch tracks high frequency AC signals being sent from the ring on the tracked finger.

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The demonstration of the prototype in the video below shows that the device is quite accurate and seems quite usable as well.

If this technology continues to improve, becomes less bulky, and perhaps looks more stylish, I could totally foresee SkinTrack paving the way for wearable technology.


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