Manus VR Gloves – New Hand Tracking Experience

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Manus VR Gloves


manus vr gloves


Have you been getting interested in the new fad with virtual reality goggles?

Want to have an even more virtual experience?

If you answered YES for the above question, then maybe you should check out the Manus Virtual Reality Gloves!

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The new tech gloves by Manus VR will enable you to truly become a part of the virtual world with the power of your hands.

You can check out their intro video below…


With some recent footage provided below, it seems that the gloves will also offer tracking of your entire arms, not just your hands.

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This improvement seems to be quite interesting. but we will have to wait to see how this technology is used in new VR applications.

Maybe you can use the new arm tracking to elbow and uppercut your enemies in some new games? Only time will tell!


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